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Metal Detectors
Needle Detectors
PinHole Detectors
Weigh fillers
Tablets Counting
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Bagging Machines
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Case Packers
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Line of products -

NISSIN ELECTRONICS CO., LTD is manufacturing Quality Control equipment, and inspection system designed primarily for the food industry, but serving as well variety of other industries.

Manufacturing programs includes:- Metal Detectors, Needle Detectors, PinHole Detectors, X-Ray Inspection System, Belt Weighers, Weight Feeders, Hopper Scale, Ultrasonic Level Monitor, line diverters, for the food, pharmaceutical, tobacco, chemical, apparel and other industries.

NISSIN ELECTRONICS was established in 1944. In 1955 with close co-operation with DR HANS BOEKELS GmbH of Germany NISSIN commenced manufacturing of Metal Detectors for Far East region.

During nearly 50 years of experience in manufacturing of metal detectors NISSIN developed extensive product line covering wide area of metal detector applications.

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on to discuss your application.



Needle Detectors from Nissin

ND-398 conveyor mounted needle detector


Needle detection system for apparel industry

ND-37A table top needle detector


Needle detection system for apparel industry

ND-10A hand held needle detector


Needle detection system for apparel industry

NS-5107 automatic needle detection and handling system for hanger line

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