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Hand held needle detector -

Hand held type needle detector designed specially for detection of broken, or complete needle in the garments.

This hand held needle detector is designed for several applications.

It can be use for quick inspection of product in application where use of larger unit like ND-398 conveyor mounted needle detector in not practical, or to inspect small bath of product.

Very practical application is to pin point contamination detected in large product, or in continuous fabric by large, conveyor mounted needle detector.

Hand held needle detector is providing excellent solution for inspection of garments "contaminated" with purposely attached metal decoration. Such garments are difficult, or impossible to scan by other needle detectors.

The hand held needle detector (Model ND-10A) is a small handy needle detector. the operation is simple; hold the detector and move it over an article. Whenever metal is detected alarm is activated - flashing light and buzzer. this way, you will immediately know where in the inspected product setting pins, sewing needles, or sewing machine needles are left/


  • High detection sensitivity
  • Handy and easy to operate.
  • Confirmation of detection by light and sound.
  • Indication of remaining service life of battery.

Standard Specifications



Detection sensitivity:-

Detection of iron setting pins (0.75 mm in diameter x 27 mm long) at a distance of 3 cm from the detection surface

Display and warning:-

Light emitting diode and buzzer

Power supply:-

006P dry cell battery, 9 V

Battery life :-

Approx. 170 hours (continuous use when used at the rate of one detection per minute)


245 g

Needle detection system for apparel industry

Please contact us on to discuss your application.

Needle Detectors from Nissin


ND-10A hand held needle detector



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